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Copy and Add the following Arun Affiliate logo to your HOME PAGE

2. Link logo to, add ALT tag "" and text under logo: !

HTML code for link:

<p align="center"><a href=""><img src="YourSiteName/arun.gif" width="87" height="110" alt="" border="0"><br><font size="1"> !</font></a></p>

This link in your browser should look like: !


The higher you place our Logo,
the higher your site will be placed in our directory !


Fill in the form below, to let us know you wish to become an affiliate and that you have the link in place.

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Please note:
When we've recieved your e-mail with the information above and reviewed your site information, we will visit your site to confirm placement of our Logo. We reserve the right to reject, refuse, or delete any listing at any time for any reason. We will only link sites which we feel are appropriate for our visitors. Please submit only one listing per Agency.



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