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Russian Investigations

Before you make any decisions about getting married, selling your home, moving in, or even taking your relationship one step further, first, make sure you know who this person really is and if they've told you the truth about themselves. If you have a doubt, check them out. 80% of the time, our clients suspicions prove to be correct.

Potential partners, alliances, investors. Don't find yourself liable due to possible crimes or legal issues involving someone you plan to become involved with professionally.

Family Matters
Care givers, Nannies


Whether you require a one-time, one person investigation, or for an entire company. Pre-employment background checks are imperative for your security and/or your family or company.

Forensic and Unusual Requests

Bottom line is that if you feel or suspect something may be wrong, you are probably right. If nothing unusual in regard to your business, employees or family has occurred to you yet, it would be best to think about it, review the situation, discuss it with someone you trust to be certain. Consider the possibilities of potential problems.

Identity Theft

Be safe and Secure !


Fees typically start around $300 and includes an ID Report, Profile and/or information determined to fulfill your request.

Please contact us in confidence with your questions and to discuss your investigation needs.

What are your concerns?

Learn the reasons why it's so important to know answers to these questions before you take one step further in your relationship.

Do you know their REAL age?
Do they have a criminal record?
Are they known by other names?
Are they still married to someone else?
Do they own the property they claim to?
Are they involved in lawsuits and are in debt?


How to Proceed

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Ideally, please be prepared to provide the following information about the Subject:
Full Name (include middle name or initial)
Date of Birth
Current Address
Any specific identifying information you may have

If you only know the subject's name, city and approximate age, we can initiate an investigation. If any of it's true, that will be confirmed and we can proceed, if it's not, we'll find that out too.

Please read Important Information for issues involving your request. Investigations are designed to fit your particular needs and address your concerns. We work personally and confidentially with you. We explain what the information means and why it's important to you. Please contact us for more information.