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All Russian is a "Background checks on Russian girls" online service of the international private investigation company All Siberia.

Profile: All Siberia, Co. is an international PI firm established in 1993 and operated in Asia. We have 3 branch offices and over 40 agents in the field. We are the member of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI), fully licensed, bonded and insured Private Investigation & Security Firm that provides comprehensive, confidential and discrete private investigation services to clients in Asian Region 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our Russian branch: Office 23, Red Avenue 125, Novosibirsk, 630118, Russia.
Our Asian headquarters: 12-16, 195 Empire Tower, 47th Floor River Wing East, Bangkok 10120
Phone: +66 02686 3499
Web:, debuted on the Internet in 1999 year, brings professional and highly experienced individuals to our team, including lawyers, former investigative and law-enforcement officers. is a professional PI service headed by Michael Muinov, a Russian lawyer who specialized in background checks on Russian girls and people. We'll find out if your virtual pal is all he or she claims to be by running a search of more than 3,8 billion records contained in Russian Public and Specific databases (available to attorneys and private investigators only).

We provide the BACKGROUND CHECKS in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia. Look at the full list of serviced cities. "" has efficient and branchy net of lawyers and private investigators, working in large cities throughout the whole Russian Federation and FSU countries.

Our professional staff that helping to provide the Background checks for you:

Our e-mail:
Administrative Contact: Office 23, Red Avenue 125, Novosibirsk, 630118, Russia

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INFORMATION is the key...

Exclusive interview with Michael Muinov

Q: Hi, Michael !
Please. tell me a little about yourself

A: I am a lawyer and I used to work for the police department but now I am a licensed private detective. I live in Russia and the majority of my business is looking for missing people.

My site was made for foreigners who seek information about Russians. I started this site in October 2000. During this time I have had more than 1000 clients from different countries. Most of my clients are western men interested in meeting and marrying women from the FSU

Q: Could you share some interesting statistic about your service?

A: Sure! Approximately 30% of the men from western countries use a Russian Paypal partner from the very beginning of their online relationships. They do this because the Internet is flooded with warnings about scammers and these men want to feel safe.
Another 30% ask for my services after 2-6 month of online relationships, especially when they are going to make a decision to go to Russia to meet a woman .
About 20% ask for my help once a women has asked about getting some financial assistance and close to 20% seek my help AFTER THEY HAVE SENT MONEY TO A WOMAN. This always happens once money is sent and suddenly the woman or someone acting as a Russian woman, disappears.

Q: Do only western men seek information about Russian women or have you had cases where a Western woman has asked you to check out a Russian man?

A: I have had these situations but they are very rare.

Q: Is it true that there are many scams going around that involve Russian women?
It seems as though I missed something about Russia. I have lived all my life in Russia and “A”, I have never encountered a Russian woman scammer and “B”, I never even heard of them.

A: I cannot truly say that there are a lot of scams involving actual Russian women but what I can tell you is that there are a lot of scams involving so called “dating services.”
There are a lot of fake passports circulating in Russia and these scammers are using them when the ask you to send them money through such places as Western Union. Often these phony passports are of a very high quality and almost impossible to distinguish from a real passport. The quality of these passport is so good that in most cases it takes a government agency to verify if the passport is real or not. That why it is almost impossible to find a person, if his or her’s passport is fake. For this reason, I always warning my clients: “ Not to send money if you are not 100% sure of that person’s identity!

Q: Do you work with the police or strictly on your own?

A: Of course, I work closely with the police and recently we found a group of scammers working out of one of the Russian republics. There were 6 people, 4 women and 2 men. They used about 10 false passwords and during a 6 month period were able to steal approximately $200,000.00 USD

Q: What advice can you give to my many male readers? Perhaps some safety tips?

A: 1. Be careful if a Russian women initiator to send a letter first. 60% of fraud begin from that !

2. Do your homework and only use dating services that are well established and have a reputation for fulfilling your requirements. Be careful of any service that makes wild or unbelievable claims.

3. If you decide to send money to someone that you have never actually met, then you are doing it at your own risk. Be prepared to the fact that you may lose the money to a non-entity.

Q: Michael , as a Russian man, if you fell in love with a woman, would you not shower her with presents, flowers and help her out financial if she needed it? What if later the relationship didn’t work out, would you call her a scammer? Would you have felt “used”?

A: I think that it is very natural to give a women flowers, perfume or even very expensive gifts and not expect anything in return. I think that TRUE MEN, from any country, would do it this way. In my practice I have had only one case where the client was suing his girl for fraud only because he paid for her English lessons.

Q: Is it only Russians that are using the Internet to scam men from foreign countries or are there these Internet scams originating from other countries? If so, why is Russia being singled out?

A: Of course scammers can operate from any country, and they do!
But the point is that most Russian women are really beautiful and western men are greatly interested in them. When we talk about men being scammed by Russians, it is not the women who are the scammers but criminal organizations fronting as dating/marriage services. That is why you have be cautious and do your homework when using a service. You can find similar scams in other countries but what makes it worse in Russia is the lack of computer expertise within the police departments which makes it difficult to fight cyberspace crimes.

Q: Michael , Could you find a woman with only a photo of her?

A: To find a person with only her photo is almost impossible. You need to have at least, her first and last name, what year she was born in and last known address.

Q: If a man has this information but not sure that women looks as she pretends to, could you get a photo of her?

A: There is a lot easier way to get a women's photo If you have her name and address, just send the woman flowers through one of the many floral services and ask them to take a photo of her. This work perfectly! If you wanted more comprehensive services, then my detective agency can be of greater assistance..

Q: Michael , one final question; where do most of your clients come from?

A: The majority of my clients come from the United States and Canada, approximately 60%. About 30% come Western European countries and about 10% from Asian, African and other countries.

Thank you so much for your time. I think that this interview will be very interesting for all men who are looking for their future soulmate from FSU.

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