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First Name: Elena

Patronymic (Middle) Name: Victorovna

Last Name: Sedova

Home Address:

Lenina str.,
house # 128
flat # 212

She is the registered owner of the apartment.

Home phone: +7 (495) 987-65-43 (registered on her name)

Cellular phone: +79125476529 ( registered on her name)*

Her real Age: 44 y.o.
Her DOB: January 3, 1975
She was born in Michailovka village, Luberets Area, Moscow Region.

Her Education: Moscow Agrarian University
Dates of attendance: 1992-1999
Major: Veterinary Medicine
Degree: Masters
Graduation date: June 26, 1999

Her current occupation: State Banian Hospital,
Address: B. Polyanka Str. 15, work phone # (495) 317-33-24
Dates: 10/1999-10/2007
Position: Veterinarian

She's divorced officially in 2002 year.
Her former husband is Yuri Aleksandrovich Sedov, 43 y.o.

She has a son: Aleksander Sedov, DOB: December 25, 1995.

She lives with son only.

Her immediate relatives:

Mother: Tatyana Aleksandrovna Agapova, DOB 04/23/1945
Father: Victor Nikolaevich Agapov, DOB 12/07/1940

They live at address : Kostushkina Str. 12-75., Moscow, Russia.
Home phone: +7 (495) 865-13-01.

Criminal records check:

"Criminal offenses in Moscow city"
Actualization on January 4, 2019
Result - no records found

"Russian Federal Criminal Search Database"
Actualization on January 4, 2019
Result - no records found

She has no the criminal records.

Her profile does not have any scam records in the Internet.

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