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If the subject has told you "I've never been married", and you suspect they have, we would want to check marriage records. If the subject has told you "I'm divorced", and you suspect they are not, we would want to check divorce records.

Marriage and Divorce records are two separate matters of record. Chances are, both need not be checked. The most reliable knowledge comes from the ID Report as to where to search for these records. If records are available and are found, they typically reveal the following:

Marriage Records

Marriage Records reveal if the subject has married.

Divorce Records

Divorce Records reveal if the subject is legally divorced. When and where filings were made and names of the parties involved. A case number is also usually revealed. If a divorce is found, you may want to obtain some documentation from that file. Important issues to look for are domestic violence, restraining orders, child custody, property and other settlement issues.


Fees start around $175 for marriage records and $195 for divorce records. Documentation on divorce records is additional and is typically between $250-$350 and includes both the search and the documentation. Please note that sometimes evidence of either marriage or divorce is found on the ID or Profile which are included in your Basic check.

How to Proceed

send email to:

Ideally, please be prepared to provide the following information about the Subject:
Full Name (include middle name or initial)
Date of Birth
Current Address
Region to check
Possible spouses name
Any specific identifying information you may have

Please read Important Information for issues involving your request. Investigations are designed to fit your particular needs and address your concerns. We work personally and confidentially with you. We explain what the information means and why it's important to you. Please contact us for more information.