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There are our customers comments in 2003.



Dear Michael.. Thank you for your help as you have possibly saved a fruitless trip to Voronezh for me. Best regards, Bill



Hello Mr.Michael, Thanks very much for your report.. Jose L. V. S.



I used your service in October and was very happy with your work. I need additional research done on .. in the Ukraine. Bruce



Dear Mister Muinov,
Many thanks for your basic check. I'm satisfied about your check and I thank you very much.
Yours, faithfully, Stephane A.



Dear Michael..Thank you I´m grateful...tomorrow I will send you another one..for an old friend who I am concerned about..Paul



She tells me now that her visa is done and they keep her passport at Embassy. She wants 900$US for airfare and some exspenses. She says that she can not get the money at Western Union because Embassy keeps her passport. She wants me to send money in her mothers name, YULIYA MEDVEDEVA at the original address she gave me, Russia, Astrakhan, Sverdlova street 67, apartment 28.I think you are right, she is scam artist, and I have been fooled out of 350$US. Thanks to you, I will not lose the additional 900$US that she request. I appreciate your services greatly.
Thank You,
Rob S.



Hello Sir,
Thank you for the information. This confirms my suspicions. I will have fun with this one and run them around town to different banks and airports and stuff. They can waste their time since I had to spend money to find out the truth!
Thank you! I am very satisfied!
-H. Burke J.



Hi Michael Muinov! Thank you for your report. Of course it pleases me extra because it is positive. I feel very attracted by this girl and we have a fine communication going. But I have been reading a lot about dating scam activities connected with unfortunately Russian dating agencies and girls. So better be sure that it is not a waste of money but especially feelings.
You can recover lost money - but a broken heart is another matter.
So I think your work is fine contribute to expose these fraudulent activities and it certainly make 'us long distance lovers' to rest assure that the person you are connected with also exists.
Once again thank you for a fine job.
Yours sincerely
Steffen Essted Sorensen



When in 1998 I began phone that ucrainian woman I thought she was special and I believed all what she told me. I was very unexperienced about that women and quickly I payed her visa and plane to have a meeting in Spain. In only six days here she showed she was only a liar but I loved her very much and I got married to her. This wedding was the worst thing I have never done in my life. Only one month after marry she demanded divorce. Previously she had robbed the document of my wages. Althought not having children she achieved in the divorce the 50 % of my wages, the flat - good luck it was rented- and the spanish residence to continue living here. I tried to kill me but my mother salved my life. Now I live better, I don´t pay nothing and my girlfriend is a honest moldavian woman. We have our own flat.
Nowadays I understand that your service is absolutely necessary before meeting that women. I wish I would have seen it in 1998. Thanks you very much to avoid selfish women with a black soul destroying the life of many honest man.
Cristóbal Torrejón Lara.
Str. Calzada Lateral del Norte 28 6ªA
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Spain 35014
Tel.: 00-34-928-371820



Dear Michael Muinov,
I got your updated information on ...
Thank you so very very much!!!! I do appreciate your attention and help that you have given to me. I will be forever grateful to you. Everything checks out to her being real and true and honest with me. I am so happy!!! I can now proceed with plans for the future with my sweetheart Elena.

I will definitely recommend your services to anyone else who is considering pursuing a future with a girl from countries of the former area of the USSR.
You are welcomed to use my letter as a reference of your good work.

Again, thank you so very much.
Sincerely, James B. Tinnin (



Thanks. After I sent my previous email, your site was recommended through some literature I found. So if my current situation continues with a lady from Russia, I will need your help. Thanks,



Very much thank you for your help. I was able to contact her in Holland (there on a temporary job assignment). The info I had on her was old and inaccurate but not bogus. She moved from that location. So far there appears to be no scamming:}.
Thanks for the good service.
Best Wishes,
Bob Benchoff



thankyou very much for letting me know i am okay with a real person thank for time once again.



Dear Sir, Thank you for your report! It was very helpful.
Greetings, Hans Renneboog



Dear Mr Muinov, Thank you for your help! Best Regards, Peder Isaksson



Thanks for your help. Well, She is a scammer as I thought. Unfortunately I was not smart enough to catch it right away and I did send her $300 for Visa, well I've learned now

Here is the information I found that someone put on the List of known scammers about her
Natalya Butakova (Omsk_Russia)

I feel as though I am lucky. I had been corresponding with this girl for about one month she found my name at a personal site. It was not until she asked for money that I came acrossed your web site and began to ask myself if I was a target for such a scam. As you can see from the letters she wrote she continually repeats herself I asked her specific questions and never got any answers from her. She told me that she only made $65.00 a month and could not afford the cost for a visa, medical exam, paper work, work permit, ect.. When she finally asked me for money ($250) she sent me a nude picture as if she was tempting me by saying look what you will get if you send me this money. Well like I said I was lucky to find your site and read the scams I did not send her money and she stopped sending me letters. I hope that others will read these letters as well as the other ones you have posted. Good luck to everyone who is looking and better luck to the ones who have been scamed. Here are the letters she sent me as well as the photos. Thank you for offering the information you have on your site I am glad you posted the letters you did though I had no intention to send money to someone I have never met I know that some people would have and been out for a great deal of cash.

Well I hope you can use this information. Create a nice dayKeep up the good work Darryl



Thank you Mr. Muinov,
for having so fair service. I feel great gratitude for your refunding the money.
I will advertise your office when ever I have the chance. And If I need later on, to resort to your service again, I will do it with great pleasure and confidence,
Thank you, Honest Man, once again,

With great gratitude,
Matti Ylén



Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for finding out about her for a second time. I am grateful for learning about her before I might have made some kind of mistake (ie traveling to Odessa).
Sincerely, Ward S.



Hiya Michael
Thank you for the Basic background report. I am glad that I had enough doubt about my Ukrainian friend to check her out before sending any money to her. Your report has prompted me to write to her again to try to get the other info that you said would be useful. Thank you for the offer of re-checking for free, as long as I get a reply I will take you up on the offer. I had enough doubt about her to check a couple of blacklist sites. I did not see her photo on them, or her name, but what I did see on one of them was a link to your services. If she turns out to be a scam-artist I would like to add her to these lists (along with her photos) as long as you do not object. When I write I will also recommend your services.
Hope all is okay. Hopefully I will write again soon with some more info for you.
All the best Phill D.



Thankyou Michael for your prompt reply to my request for a back ground check. I have just sent an email to "Anya L.." requesting she send me further information. If this information should arrive I would truly appreciate a further check for free as you offered!
It would certainly help to put my mind at rest. Regard Bruce



Dear Micheal Muinov ,
Thank you for the information . I wish I knew of your service a few months ago . it would have saved me a lot of aggravation .
Sincerly ,
Shawn Carter



Thank you very much for you help. You service is excellent and I will spread the word about it. I apologize for the fact that you had to do the check twice. If I am ever in need of your service in the future, I will make sure I give you all the details I have. You have eliminated any concerns I had regarding this woman. Again, thank you very much.
Dave McGraw



Dear Michael
Thank you for the info. I had a nagging doubt in the back of my mind, especially when she sent me a PO box number as her address, and then changed her name.
I am glad that you will report this to the local police. Do you think that I should add her info & photos to the scammers site ? Or should I just leave it (put it down to experience) ? I would appreciate your advice on this.
Once again, Thank You. Money well spent, it has saved me possibly a whole lot more.
Kindest regards
Phill Dawes



Hi Michael,
Thanks for the additional info and making me realize she is indeed a scam artist. I just sent you the passport she forwarded to me as well. She is still playing the role with me claiming that there are many "Natasha Abramova's" in Russia!
Also, thanks for forwarding my case to the local police department as well. I really appreciate it! I was also told that I can file a case with Interpol. Do you think there is any value in doing this if the local police are already involved?
Thanks again, Cash



Hello Michael, Thank you for your background report. I am glad that you have confirmed my suspicions. I appreciate your service as they will save me money and time. Best regards, Patrick



Dear Mr. Muinov, Thank you for the additional information and your efforts. I hope I will not have to find out this way for any additional russian contacts that I may correspond with about untrue information.
your service is appreciated greatly.
bruce haug



I am definitely satisfied with your work. She just made the western union request. I agree with you that she is a scam artist.



Dear Michael
Viktoria refused to send the passport information. I can only assume that my fears were based in reality. I told her that I want nothing more to do with her. Five months wasted! I will never attempt this again.
Thank you so much for your help, I am sure that you wished, as I did, that it had worked out for the best.
My regards to you
Charles Bawcom



Thank you very much for checking on this for me.
The very morning after sending you what information I received from this alleged scammer I then received conformation by doing a bit more searching on the Internet and discovered this link
At the present moment I am continuing to play along with this person/s by telling them that I have wired $600 to the bank account hoping to buy time until the authorities in Yoshkar-Ola get involved and arrest them when they try to pick up the money or access the account. Here is additional information, which I have received. This person/s is working very hard to fill this bank account with stolen or scammed money so the sooner with your help, we can put an end to this scammer..



Dear Mr. Muinov-
Thank you for your efforts to search out ..................
I had already scanned through all the blacklisted girls and scam letters submitted on Elena's website. Actually, that was how I discovered your service. Elena's website is quite a wealth of information, and had already prepared me for the outcome of your search as it fit most of the classic scam pattern.
I had entered this entire affair with great skepticism and had done a good deal of research regarding visa types and the chance of issuance in these types of situations. I began to become suspicious when travel was proposed under improbable circumstances, but still am disappointed that it has turned out to be false.
I am very satisfied with your service and wish to offer you my thanks and wish you good fortune.
Sincerely-James Heiskell



Mr Muinov, Thank you.
I have done as you recommend.
I am glad I was suspicious early on.
Thank you for your help



Thanks for that. I think that is all I need. I will not hesitate to use your services if the need arises in the future.
Thanks again, Mark Read



Dear Michael,
The last time that I received an e-mail was last Saturday. Since then I have sent an E-mail requesting the correct address and a copy of her National Passport, I have not received a reply, yet. I understand what you said about it being strange that a non-scammer would give a bogus Postal Address. I attached a copy of the first e-mail letter, you should be able to open with Adobe. I will be contacting the other person you mentioned to see what his experience was. I have also filed a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center and Have reported it to Western Union. Thanks again, your services have been a big help. Ed.



Dear Mr. Muinov,
I'd like to thank you very much for your report, of which I am grateful.
Should I need further information in the future, I will of course get in touch with you.
Once again thank you very much.
Yours sincerely
S Alma



Dear Mr. Muinov,
Thank you for sending me your report.. This person has already scammed me for 1025 US dollars. It is a lesson that I have learned well. If in the future I ever have dealings with anyone in Russia I will certainly call upon your services again. Thank you for your quick response into this investigation. I would highly recomend your services to others.
Thank you sincerely; Dudley Hellard



Dear Michael,
Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. Wishing you all the timeless treasures of Christmas.....
The warmth of home, the love of family and the company of good friends!!!!
I wish that you have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year, and all the prosperity in the new year for your business.
God bless you and all those people that you hold dear to you.
All the best..........Brett.


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