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There are our customers comments in 2005.



Hello Michael, Thank you for your investigations - despite the outcome. Although I am embarrassed to have been fooled this way, I have learned (perhaps you have heard the phrase 'trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on me') and will not make mistakes like this again. When you pass this on to the Yoshkar-Ola police, please give them my contact details as I am happy to co-operate fully, and will give them details of the amounts I sent, dates etc. If they need my full postal address and telephone numbers for contact, I am more than happy to provide this.
Again, thank you for the professional help you have provided me and the manner in which it has been provided.
Best regards, Adrian H.



Thank you so much for what you have done for me. Turns out she quite sending me any messages the day before I heard from you, I guess she figured she was not going to get any money out of me. I just hope that the police can help keep her from scamming somebody that is more trusting than I am. Thank you again for your help I think it was money well spent. Kevin from N.C.



Dear Sir
Thank you for the information. If there is anything else that I can do to help catch these scammers I would be pleased to help.I realize that there are bad people in the world that try to take advantage of good people.This I find hard to understand, but, I guess when it comes to money, they will do anything.
Again, I would like to thank you for your services.



Hi Michael.
Thanks for information,i have been on to the agency and told them what i thought in no uncertain terms.They gave me the option of 2 free addresses,also a refund of $170 for a gift that i sent ans also refunded my money i paid you.They were really apolagetic about it and as you have probably seen have taken her off there website.If she gets in touch with me again i will ask her for this information and see what happens. Once again thanks for all your help. regards Steve



thank you very much, you are very kind, and i appreciate your work this person will hurt many if not stopped, I WOULD BUY YOU A BEER IF I COULD! thanks again ....Kevin



Thanks for all your help Michael. I consider this case closed and I'll move on too a girl more deserving of my time and effort. Your service is excellent and has saved me both money and heartache. Thank you again, I will not hesitate to use your service in the future.



Dear Michael,
Thank you once again for your valued advice. I found a Russian Blacklist website. It has pictures and emails of other men who have been scammed. On that sited I found the same pictures the first girl Elena Sergeeva sent me with almost exact copies of the same letters. I also found exact copies of the letters this Irina Knauss has sent me. So she too is a scam. I think it best to stick with Elena's site and I thank you once again. I have indicated a quote below you may use if you choose.
Best Regards, John

Here is the quote if you want to use it or any part of it:

"Mr Muinov's service that provide background checks I feel is a must for any man seriously considering investing in a relationship with a Russian woman. It is not that Russian women can not be trusted, it is that there are known scammers and frauds that represent themself to be sincere. They may not even be women doing this. Often they use photos of models and other women. They are VERY believeable and deceptive!!! They lead you on an unbelievably romantic seduction unlike anything I have ever experienced. Mr. Muinov is prompt, courteous, and dependable. One background check with his recomendations undcovered a scam and saved me countless dollars and emotional heartbreak. His fees were extremely reasonable and worth every penny. Mr. Muinov gets the facts before you get taken." JR from United States.

Best Regards and thanks again, John







I just want to say again, thank you. You have been tremendously helpful and curtious. I do not even want to think about the hardship I would have endured had I not contacted you. I truely did not want to believe that she was lying to me and indeed she was very persuasive. I cannot understand what drives people to treat others in this way, but I am very grateful that there are people like you who are willing to help fight against them. I will definately recomend you to anybody who finds themselves in the same situation. I will also check out the website you recomended and it is my hope that I will not need your services again, but if I do, be sure that I will be in touch. Once again, thank you.
Sincerely, Aaron M.



Mr. Muinov,
Excellent work. Thank you. I trust the Russian authorities will attempt to make the best of your information to shut down such scammers as they have in the past. Meanwhile, I am retaining the information that you have provided me so that I can pass it along to proper authorities and connections that I have from the American end of the circuit to see if any further pursuits and actions might be taken from here.
Again, your support and services in these unfortunate matters are much appreciated.
Respectfully, Tim R.



Thank you so much for the information. Although the truth hurts at times it is always the best to know for certain who you are dealing with. I cannot tell you how good it is to know that she was in fact was scamming me and that my instincts were correct. I only wish I had known about your services sooner. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future clients that you may have. This was one of the best uses of $120 I have ever made.
I can now move on from this horrible experience.
Steve S.



Mr. Muinov,
Thank you for your time and effort in this. I do not believe that it will be necassary to further research this woman. It is very evident it is a scam. You provide a good service.
Thank you again,
Wade A.



Mr. Michael Muinov,
Thank You Michael your effort was well worth what I paid you. You have possibly save me from much humiliation, expenses and heartbreak. To bad people like her or him aren't caught and punished. Here In America when they are caught committing fraud, they are arrested and taken to jail have to go to court, sent to prison and have to make restitution.
Thank's so much again.
Best Regards,
Michael D A.



Dear Michael,
Thank you very much for your comments about my Russian Scam Artist. Unfortunately it is too late and I have to admit I was conned. I 'fell in love' and sent money!Yes,I know you should never send money to somebody you have not met,but my heart ruled my head-now I fear it is too late.
From your experience,have I now 'lost ' this money,in other words,Scam artists can not be traced?I did try to continue correspondence,with the thought of finding the scammer,but communication has now stopped.Should I just learn from this and move on,Michael,or do I have a chance?1350 Dollars was transferred -Western Union. I know you are very busy,and you have helped me.I would appreciate your wisdom as to my next action,Sir,
Yours Sincerely,
William B.



I am so grateful for the information and work you have done. Thank you very much, both reports have cleared up a lot of unanswered questions and doubts I had about her. Thanks again.
Yours, Jon S.



Dear Michael, Thank you very much for uncovering the truth here about the international passport. Well, if it's fraudulent passport, maybe the local authorities will choose to prosecute for fraud, since they have all the evidence they need of a fraudulent passport. Thank you for telling me of the procedure to prosecute via Russian embassy, possibly I may do this, I am not yet sure about this. I'm not going to get any money back, so maybe, maybe not. But I appreciate that you tell me exactly how to do it.
Sincerely yours,
John C.



Hi Michael, I would like to thank you for your time and efforts. You've been a big help. I even looked for the name Polina in the scammers list, I don't know how I missed it.
Oh well, I take your advise, and stop correspondence with her. I don't want to waste my time any longer. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
I hope you have a great weekend,



Thanks I have found her photos on the black list given to that website you name. She is a scam artist and I am in the process of filing out a complaint with the Russian embassy telling them that I will press charges and I am also asking for full restitution. I have also listed all those that have helped her in this scam. Thanks for your background check, I will be using you in the future for I have others that I am very weary of, and believe that they are scam artists as well.



Thank you Mike. You provide such a great service. I have been scammed by two girls already, one in Samara and the other in Moscow. Every single girl in Russia I correspond with have the same scam. I even block new mails from Russian and they still get through by putting on their profile that they are from the USA and then turn out to be from Russia. It is unfortunate how these girls take advantage of men who are sincere and make it hard to trust anyone on the internet. I have the names and the mails of the girls who scammed me or tried to scammed me before if you want them. Again, thanks for your assistance. You are doing a lot of good service. Hopefully all your efforts will pay off in the future. Dipo



Dear Michael
Thank you for all of your help. I have not had a reply from her since I asked for her passport information, nor have I had a reply from the dating agency which she contacted me through. I hope the local authorities will be able to find this person and put a stop to her scamming people.
Many thanks
Steve H.



Dear Sir, Thank You For Your Help, You Saved Me $380.00. I Can Only Wish I Would Have Found You Sooner And Saved Me The $680.00 I Had Already Sent. I Have Been Having Computer Trouble But Plan On Sending The Additional Imformation Soon. Thank You Tom



Thanks Michale, Again I am sorry to have been so much trouble.You have been most understanding. You have been very helpful. I am completely satisfied with your report. Thanks again. Sincerely Ron R.



Thank you for the wonderful work. I have contacted some other men who have been scammed by her and am looking into ways to have her prosecuted. I know she was always afraid of the police stopping her and wonder if she is not moving about on an invalid passport or one that is not registered. I also know that even though I did not send her very much money other guys have and that in other cases the Russian government can prosecute for tax evasion on these incomes. I am looking at having you do a full blown investigation on her. I would like to make it where Miss Shardakova can not do damage to the Russian image or other people. If you have any advice on this I would appreciate it.
Thanks, Tim



Dear Michael,
Thank you for your quick response, I appreciate it greatly.You are providing a great service and I am pleased that it seems the person i have been talking too for the last 4 months is indeed genuine.I am so much happier now I know she is for real and that my time spent communicating with her has not been in vain and I feel comfortable that I may now book my flights to Krasnodar to meet with her and her wonderful daughter in October. Wish me luck!!!! Thank you once again and I wish you continued success with your Investigations Agency.
Yours gratefully and sincerely, Sean M.



Dear Michael,
Thank you for your report I received today, to think this man is a scammer, hard to believe! Your help will save further hearache and financial waste, so glad you have thought of this business!
Sincerely, Debrah B.
P.S. I still have faith in the Russian people -- there are always "rotten apples" in every people.



Thank you very much, Michael. I wish I could say I lost nothing...but I do not lie as she does. If I pursue another Russian/Ukranian woman (not likely) I will certainly employ you BEFORE I send funds. If she would be taxed on moneies received...tell them they can collect on a $3000 income. YES, I can prove it if necessary.
Sincerely, Barry C.



Dear Michael,
Thank you for checking this woman. Its a disappointment when you find out that you've been scammed. Fortunately the money spent getting the informastion was well spent. I cancelled an order for flowers and I am rejecting a request for 250 dollars to buy grandmother a wheelchair. I will now add this information the elana models black list. Flamingo told me the address did not exist but I failed to listen to them. If I want a Russian bride I will use Elana's models.
Thank you once again
Alexander B.



Hello Michael,
Thank you for your service. I am very thankfull for your time. She is actually a scammer, i checked one of the links you have provided, and i saw here picture.
Now I really feal comfortable about my decision.
Thanks again.
Barbaros Y.



thank you very much for your services.....I had a feeling this was a bogus person.I would rather spend 120 dollars on a back ground check than get burned for a few thousand out of stupidity.THanks again.



Dear Michael,
I appreciate your work and followed your instructioning and ask Victor the General Manager for Confidential Connections to provide her address or the pages out of her passport. I am almost positive that she is a scam artist and I am having my law firm here Washington, D.C. to formally request the information under the FCC. They are the largest Republican law firm here with approximately 700 practicing lawyers and they have another law firm in New York with approximately 400 lawyers, so if they will not comply from Kharkov, then we can injunct there offices here in New York and have them removed from the web.
I am a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and have a relationship with President Bush and he is very up-set with the scam in the Ukraine regarding collections of funds due to the hurricanes. We have tallied 906 organization in the Ukraine that has been running this scam.
Regards, KEN



Many thanks for your expert services and research . I ask your assistance in whatever capacity you can offer . This internet scam is larger and more complex than I thought, and I ask that you forward this to the authorities at your earliest convenience . Do you think that the authorities will be interested in my situation ? Also is it possible that they will look into this matter ?
There are other emails that refer to consulate and embassy meetings in Moscow with Government about her viza .I will forward them if they are of interest. Is this a common practice to have such an international involvement in a scam like this one ? and so many others involved as well?
All money transfers were sent via Western Union to Kazan in Peksheeva's name. Today I received another message from American Singles from one of Peksheeva's many personalities,telling me how much she loved me .
All messages are sent through this website now and none from the former email addresses. I thank you again and hope to hear from you with any news about this scam .
Keep up with your good work and talents Michael.
Kevin G.



Dear Michael
I appreciate your reply and honesty which confirms my suspicions already. For some time now I have been very cautious about this as something did not seem right. I have been doing some research myself and after talking to the dating agency they reported back to me that she was removed in July as a scam artist. Also the florist who tried to send flowers said they had multiple addresses all with no delivery acceptances being made and yesterday after trawling through the internet on scam pages found what I believe is the same lady or photo under a different name. I will send the copies over for you which may help.
Again many thanks it will save me making a fool of myself and being ripped off which is not so much the money but the thought of people who can stoop so low.
Yours Sincerely
Tony O'



Man, that is kind of scary!! A totally different city. Thanks Michael. I'm going to check out that dating website that you sent me!!!! What a shame though. So sad that some women have to do such things. You are the best. I'll check with you if I become serious about some other lady.
Have a great day.



I was not discrediting your find. I have already ended our communication. I was just curious if her name was familiar to you from past backgrounds that you have done and I was wondering if she was a know scam artist. I appreciate your time and thank you because you have saved me a lot of money I will recommend your service to everyone and will use it again if I find the need for it. I appreciate it.



Dear Michael Muinov,
I thank you for all your help. I had a hunch that she was fake after reading all the information and looking at the letters on the "Black List". I have found another lady from Russia who is using a translator that works with ladies to help them get to the USA and find men. She has sent me a list of men from the USA that have Russian brides.
Again thank you for all your help. I will call upon you in the future if I need any more information again on someone new.
Matt I.



dear michael,
i want to thank you for sending me that report on that fraud. i had received a letter from her yesterday morning from her asking when i was sending money to her. at the time i received her letter, i too received your report.i was shocked to hear that she was a scammer, plus to proof the fact you lead me to a web site that she was reported was profiler. michael you saved me a couple thousand dollars doing what you did.i never figured she was a fraud. we talked for over a year never the hint from her whatsoever on her asking for money. she was a girl who i thought had some culture, and class. thanks again my friend, it was the best money i spent in a long time...... take care,
bill r.



Dear Michael, Many thanks for your help again.
Just for your records please see attached copy received from the UK embassy based in Moscow.
"We have no record of a visa being issued to this person. The copy visa you have supplied is a forgery - it is not printed in the format we use. I cannot comment on the validity of the passport scans you have sent but would imagine they are forgeries too given there are two passports with different dates of birth and passport numbers. I do not know who you should contact here about this - perhaps your investigator here could help - it is outside our remit.
With Regards
Visa Section
British Embassy






Dear Micheal,
This is pending investigation on my end. Please if possilble, if you could forward this persons identification and information on to local authorities in Russia for profiling of criminals would be much appreciated. Photos and emails you have. In addition, on my end I will ensure this individual is internationally black listed as well as in the database for fraud within the FBI and local agencies databases.

Michael, thank you for your time as this person will not make contact with you as they are either using a girlfriend or other persons photo as a scheme. If so, this person will be held to answer when we close in on this person. I have put in a request with local autorities to do a through trace stateside and to have information tapped as we can trace it on our end. The reason that I am forwarding a copy to scheme artist Tatyana is that WE will have an arrest in progess within a matter of time. Agent Simmons has already started an investigation and will have identification of the location where emails were sent in a short while. In addition, I will notify you of a successful arrest once we warrant an arrest warrant and the portal link. To easy. This person has no idea of the technology we have now days.
Michael take care and thank you for your time. I will be in touch.
California Highway Patrol
Communications and Background Investigations Unit



Attorney Muinov,
Thank you for your help on Galina Nikitenkova. She told me that her mother died on October 13, 2005 and had a church burial in October 17, 2005. She told me that everything cost $8000. Galina told me that she borrowed the money from a friend named Maria. Galina asked me in a phone call on October 17 to give her $8000 to pay Maria back.
I met Galina in a April 2005 Moscow tour sponsored by A Foreign Affair. I recently asked AFA why Galina's profile was removed from their website. AFA informed me last Monday that her profile was removed on May 18, 2005 by AFA after she received more than $17,637.00 from an AFA client. AFA said that Galina was NOT put on a scam list and said there could have been special circumstances. AFA advised me NOT to give Galina any money. AFA said that I could get more details about Galina from 2 AFA owners after they return from a tour.
I had told Galina that I would discuss helping reimbursing her for her mother's $8000 funeral expenses on my next visit to Moscow. Now, I think it wouldn not be wise for me to visit Galina in Moscow again based on the information provided by AFA and you!!
Thank you for your prompt attention on this matter.



Dear Michael
My apologies for not replying earlier, but sickness prevented me from doing so.
I have to thank you for your warning. It is appreciated and keep up the good work. You are not simply doing something, but you are doing something noble in helping others!
In my case, I was suspecting something was going wrong but wanted a definitive answer. It was yours. Once again, thanks, and please keep up the good work; some other poor guy needs you!
Kind regards



Thank you for your help .
As soon as I mentioned some of the information you gave me I have not heard a thing from Irina.
I email all the information you gave me and that I gave you to the website who she does her scam through and told them about it and asked them if they wanted to handle the situation or should I just get my Lawyer to sew them ? :) .
I doubt I'll hear anything from anyone but it might make them think about who is using their system and why.
Take care and thank you again, Mark Plourd



Hi Michael,
I am so glad that I have found your site, only wish I had found it sooner, as it is difficult to invest time and
feelings to someone that is probably just wanting to get your money. Thankyou for your response.

I am attaching a recent letter, with apparent registered address, and hope you are able to let me know whether this is
a real person. I have asked for a copy of the relevant pages from the passport of this person to be emailed to me, but
am doubtful if I will get a response, so thought this may be the quickest way.

Thankyou again for your assistance, and I will definitely be reccomending you to my friends if they find themselves in
the same situation.




Dear Michael and staff,
Thank you very much for your prompt and excellent service.You have not only saved me money but more importantly saved my heart and emotions from being hurt and stopped me from looking like a fool.I am a honest man and will find
a honest Russian lady who I will have a good life with. I will use your services agian to have peace of mind.
I wish to ask you what can I do to expose this person so they can not hurt and scam other people? Also should I let her know that I know the truth about her and her scam and that I am going to expose her?

Thank you again Michael and your staff.
Best wishes
Joseph P.



Sorry I haven't gotten back to you more promptly. I was in the middle of moving.
Please have these photos and letters added to the blacklist. I ask that you remove any personal info that may be in the emails. Your service is invaluable. Feel free to use me as a reference.
Thank's again



Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for your prompt response and report. I am saddened by this information. However, I am somewhat relieved.
I am attaching the copy of passport and photos send by Marina or whomever she is sent by the Pershin Agency and herself. I will attach some of the letters from her in a separate e-mail. Also, I will attach letters in a separate
e-mail from the Pershin Agency.

I will post a good report and recommend your services on the Russian Ladies Black List web site. Hopefully, any other men trying to date and marry Russian ladies will do the same as I have before they waste money.

Again, thank you,



Thanks for you prompt attention to this matter. I appreciate your help. You have saved me a lot of time and money. I would have arranged for her tickets if she really existed but it all seemed to good (charming) to be
true. It did however alert me to the idea of a Russian wife. AS a group, Russian women appear beautiful, educated, sincere, hard working and culturally committed to having a good partner to fulfill their lives.
I will forward a letter or two from "Olga" so you might be able to find her real location.
I will also request passport information and address, again, to see if she responds.
Thank you again and should your travels ever bring you to this part of the US (Northern California/Lake Tahoe) I would enjoy meeting you and helping you in any way that I can.

My best regards,



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