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Criminal searches in Russia and FSU

The subjects date of birth should be confirmed before proceeding with a criminal history search. Criminal records are confirmed by a person's DOB, one way of making sure it's not someone with the same name.

Results from a Criminal check typically reveal a case number, date, the penal code number as to what the charges were and the disposition of the case.

Department of Corrections

Prison records are available from most Russian Regions. Similar to a criminal check, the location to search needs to be determined first. To determine the record belongs to the subject and not someone with the same name, confirmation of DOB is required. DOC records reveal the charges, penal code, dates of incarceration and release. In addition, a physical description and/or a photograph is revealed. offer a complete range of investigative services. Other areas where revealing information can be found include: Real Estate, Business or Corporate, Death or Education. Please review details at Business for further information.

It's always a good idea to include a Basic check in your investigation. It could provide you with all you need to know, or at least confirm what you already believe to be true. Either way, you will have all the information available about the subject in order to proceed.

Findings and Reports

Once the Findings are received and reviewed by, reports will be emailed to you.


Fees for each of the above type searches range from $150 and up.

How to Proceed

send email to:

Ideally, please be prepared to provide the following information about the Subject:
Full Name (include middle name or initial)
Date of Birth
Current Address
Region to check
Any specific identifying information you may have

Please read Important Information for issues involving your request. Investigations are designed to fit your particular needs and address your concerns. We work personally and confidentially with you. We explain what the information means and why it's important to you. Please contact us for more information.