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Russian Federal Research Service

Report 011-45/c


on January 11, 2011

Abstract. This report examines the serious problem of Russian dating scams. It describes the activities of criminal dating groups in Russia, and government attempts to fight them. It analyzes the role of Russian organized dating scam crime internationally. The report looks at current Russian and international efforts to combat the problem.

Dating Russian and International Crime: Russian Organized Dating Scam Role.

Summary. Dating International scam has become a major problem throughout the world. Russian criminal organizations in dating sphere have benefited from the global economy also, as well as the break-up of the USSR. Russian dating criminal groups have become active in Europe and United States, always working with faked profile of beautiful Russian girls. This report is focused specifically on crime connected with Russian dating scam artists including profiles of Russian women, ladies and girls. Russian crime dating groups are rapidly expanding their international activities. More than criminal elements of other countries, Russian dating criminal organizations could become a serious threat to international financial stability.

Part 1.

Russian dating scam is of particular concern because of its possible impact in following areas:

- Russian dating crime has the links to official corruption and the possible networks of police and military officers.
- Dating crime from Russia are being exported to neighboring FSU countries.
- Russian dating criminal organizations cooperate with foreign criminal organizations.
- Russian girls are the most popular and beautiful women in the international dating scam arena.

The dating industry in Russia has not long history. In the USSR period, Russia doesn't’t officially registered any criminal
cases around regular domestic dates. After 1993, the opportunities for organized criminal dating activity were provided by the Internet progress. Russian dating scam does not have a centralized criminal umbrella. Instead, organized dating criminal activity follows a more decentralized model where powerful dating gangs of varying sizes operate and have loose links with one another.

Russian dating organized crime today includes:

- Yoshkar-Ola city gangs in Mari El Republic of Russian Federation*
- St-Petersburg city dating crime gang (~ 10-25)
- Dozens dating gangs in Moscow city
- Ivanovo city dating scam artists (~ 50)
- Cheboksary and Kazan gangs (~ 100)
- New formation crime in Krasnoyarsk area, Siberia**

* numerous scammers profiles on Russian girls scam directory /
** first call of international security service Russian investigation in Sep 2010/

Russian dating criminal groups have access to specialists and expertise in a number of fields. With the growing of the Internet, scientists, computer specialists, accountants, etc, unable to find an adequate niche in the new Russian economy are going to criminal temptations, greatly increasing the technological and professional capabilities of Russian dating scam activity. Our experts agree there has been rapid growth in the number and impact of Russian dating criminal organizations, although precise figures are unavailable. Many groups are included 2-4 pretty Russian girls only. Others control dozens Russian women in large regions and sectors.

The Russian Government

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MVD) of Russia has investigated the criminal case of Russian dating scam . The case was initiated after background check and several complaints from the citizens of USA, Canada and Australia, who tried to find a romance with Russian girls via Internet. The scheme of the scam was very simple.

End of 1st Part


Placed on April 25, 2011.


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